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Bellows Lens

Leica Leitz Wetzlar Macro-Elmar R 100mm F4 100/1:4 Bellows lens


Minolta 100mm f4 Auto Bellows Macro lens with Focusing Bellows - Nice Ex++!


Canon Macrophoto Lens 35mm f/2.8 Bellows lens RMS


Olympus OM 135mm f4.5 1:1 Macro Bellows Lens -Clean- (1011-6)


Vintage, (circa 1958) Leica, Bellows Focusing Device UXOOR & Visoflex with Case


Minolta ROKKOR-X 100mm f/4 w/ Auto Bellows & Lens-Front Frame for Dental Macro


Asahi Pentax S-M-C BELLOWS-TAKUMAR f/4 100mm Lens Bellows filter caps M42 (3041)


Leitz Wetzlar bellows and 100mm f4 Macro lens, very good working condition


Olympus OM Camera Macro Auto Bellows -Clean- (622a-3)


NIKON F PB-5 Macro Close Up BELLOWS for Cameras & Lenses ~ Working


Canon Auto Bellows with Vivitar Lens - Matched Macro Adaptor (1:1)


Nikon PB-4 Bellows .Nice!


Minolta 100mm F4 Rokkor-X Auto Bellows Lens Minolta MD #272


Asahi Pentax 100mm F4 1:2 M42 Screw Mount Bellows Macro Lens -Clean- (312-13)


Novoflex bellows Lens Mount Enlarging Lenses adapter Body Mount(Sony A) 13168


Kopil Bellows Macro LENS vintage manual focus for M42 screw mount Pentax


Lot of Miscellaneous Nikon SLR, Lens assemblies, Bellows made in Japan Vintage


Rare Nikon Nippon Kogaku Japan NIKKOR-Q 135mm f/4 Bellows Lens with Tube (#4149)


Hasselblad Auto Bellows Lens Shade (only) 40525 40517 (429-18)


Pony PREMO No 4 Lens In Bausch & Lomb AUTO shutter And Bellows


Minolta Auto Bellows Rokkor-X 100mm f/4 lens, bellows, & mount & Gemco filter.


Antique Gundlach 201 Bellows Camera with Voigtlander Compur Lens, AS IS


Minolta 12.5mm f/2 Bellows Micro Lens Kit READ DESCRIPTION Complete Original




Nikon Micro-Nikkor-P Auto 1:3.5 55mm Lens with Bellows Assembly REDUCED PRICE


Nikon 13.5cm (135mm) f4 Nikkor-Q Nippon Kogaku Macro Bellows lens + BR-1 - Ex++!


Linhof Soft Bellows Compendium Lens Shade, For Large Format Camera


Minolta Auto Bellows Rokkor-X 100mm f/4 Lens with Minolta Auto Bellows I nr MINT


ANSCO Antique Folding Bellows Camera ACTUS lens with case


Novoflex Bellows w/Automatic 100mm F3.5 R Noflexar & MINA Adapter - NICE SET


Hasselblad PRO Shade 6093T 50-70mm Bellows Lens Hood w/ 60mm Adapter


Minolta 100mm 1:4 Rokkor-X Auto Bellows lens and bellows system with twist plate


105mm f3.5 Schneider Xenar - for Exakta Bellows - Nice


REDUCED 20%: Leica-R - NOVOFLEX Bellows Germany with NOFLEXAR F1:4/105 lens


Minolta Auto Bellows 1 w/ Auto Bellows Rokkor-PF 1:1.7 100mm Lens Excellent~X-7A


Hasselblad Focusing Lens Bellows for all Hasselblad Camera Models in EC


Nikon F Macro System bundle - 55mm Lens, Bellows, Slide holder, Tubes


Hasselblad S-Planar 135mm f5.6 T* Macro Auto Bellows Lens (424-11)


Wisner 4x5 Traditional Field Camera with bag and regular bellows plus lens board


Schneider Kreuznach Xenar 1:4,5 135 Lens with Novoflex Macro Bellows


Vintage Beslar 1:3.5 F=50mm Enlarging Lens with Rapid Rail Bellows


Leica Visoflex I with Finder, Bellows Unit, 13.5cm f4.5 Hektor Lens 27462


Jiffy Kodak Six-16 folding bellows camera w/Twindar close-up lens